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Busra, the founder of anthemis, has made a remarkable mark in the industry through her creation of bespoke and made-to-order handmade couture hair accessories and jewelry. From an early age, busra discovered her passion for creativity and craftsmanship by playing with beads. As she grew older, her interests led her to pursue a formal education in industrial design, brand communication at university, further nurturing her innate talents and then pursue a master’s in business administration.

However, she initially found success in the technology sector, when she realized that her true calling lay beyond the realm of technology, despite her initial success in that sector. Driven by her passion and an unyielding desire to follow her dreams, she made the bold decision to venture into the world of fashion and accessories, ultimately founding anthemis in 2021, in france anthemis continues as a testament to the collaborative efforts of a unique pair—the creative duo of busra, the founder and designer residing in paris, and her mother-in-law, canan, an embroidery specialist located in istanbul.

Through her specialized approach, busra offers a range of bespoke hair accessories and jewelry that cater to individual preferences and style. Her creations are made with the utmost care and precision, reflecting her deep understanding of the significance these accessories hold for women on their special occasions.Each handmade piece is born after several weeks of meticulous work from its first petal to the last bead, with the magic of simplicity, the endless sparkle of stones and glass, and the power of design.

Busra’s dedication to providing an exceptional experience to her clients sets her apart in the industry, as she strives to make each woman feel confident, elegant, and truly special. So, busra invite you to this beautiful and colorful garden of anthemis design to have the best look of yourself!

cANAN ozcan

embroidery Expert / mother-in-law