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Our ancestors have seen times where multiple contrasting fabrics in the middle ages, a transition from ornamentation to elegance, vibrant colors in La Belle Epoque and experimental styles in the 20th century. All of them left a mark in history and whatever we see, today, in the fashion mirror is the reflection of the past. This was what affected Busra, the founder of Anthemis Design, deeply, and then she decided to create a new path in this fashion industry. She knew that the happiest moments in our lives are the most remarkable ones to remember, the day when we graduate, win, find the right person, kiss, and get married. Like we have learned from the stories when we were children, each female protagonist is known for their hair accessories. Therefore, Busra set off on a journey through making every woman protagonist in their happiest and most beautiful moments.

Starting with playing beads during childhood, and later studying industrial design at university, Busra started her company in Turkey with a modest and honest idea, to make happier in their special moments. Luckily, this journey took a long way and, today, continues in the heart of fashion, France, as a registered fashion company, Anthemis Design.

Anthemis Design aims to help women to reflect their unique style, to feel the materials, the colors, and allow them to be themselves, as every single beautiful detail in nature. Each handmade piece is born after several weeks of meticulous work from its first petal to the last bead. Each piece is embellished with the magic of simplicity, the endless sparkle of stones and glass, and the power of design.

Anthemis Design products are inspired from an utopian world where there is a sweet rush but no heavy stress, only colors but no plastic piles and machines. So, we invite you to this beautiful and colorful garden of Anthemis Design to have the best look of yourself!