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Savor of Romance

Since ancient times, beauty has been expressed in many ways.  Simplicity was the main element at the beginning, simple colors, natural touches, eye-catching forms and textures. As time passed by, beauty understanding evolved with the modern world, but the simplicity in DNAs of beauty statements has never changed. People used various things to express many words with less effort. Something self expressive, alluring, entrapment, innocent but ravishing, vivid but profound, layered but simple to reach. All this time, this merry-go-around led humanity to one single thing: Roses.

What roses bestowed humanity was an approach to beauty. Beauty is not a thing within easy reach. It hurts with its thorns but gives you pleasure. Its smell takes you from one place to another in an intoxicating way. It takes you for a walk around its divine layers and then loses you in it. It dazzles you in a way that you cannot come around.

And time has passed, it kept its place by preserving its innocence and purity. Roses became the principal language of fashion. A language that everybody can speak and appreciate. Whether simple or flamboyant, women loved it as a tool for a strong beauty statement.

            In Anthemis ’23 Collection, we transformed this beauty approach by keeping its essence, romance, and philosophy that has evolved throughout the centuries. We combined the captivating nature of roses with our “savoir-faire” to bring the chic, exquisite, and pure headpieces. More pure, more feminen, more vivid, and more elegant.

            We would like to present to you the fruit of the most spectacular collaboration of nature and fashion: “Savor of Romance, Anthemis ’23 Collection”.