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The common thought of people who are living in an intoxicating world today is “why can’t we change things that we use in our daily life, especially our accessories?”. What we need is to have more sustainability, naturality, and also vivid colors to remind us of our inner world.
Anthemis Design, hereby, presents Beady Collection. A bunch of products that are embellished with things and colors from nature and adorned with natural stones (jade, agate, aquamarine, quartz, opal, freshwater pearls, original shells, moonstones, amazonite, prehnite, volcanic lava, chalcedony), glasses, and porcelain. Then, wrapped with Anatolian non-toxic and degradable textiles to give a beautiful and smooth texture. Finally, finished with sustainable dye techniques, like used in silks.
During the creation of these beauties, we enjoyed every single second when we touch, see, and wear. We are sure that you will do as well.

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