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Anthemis Design

Couture Headpiece & Jewellery Design


Are these handmade?

Yes, each product that we make is an hand-made product. We use the highest quality materials to ensure that they will be kept as heir-loom pieces without losing its significance and beauty through time.

Return or Refunds

Please understand that we do not accept returns since all the products are made upon order, uniquely for you. Before shıppıng your order, we contact you for the fınal approval. However, in case of any damaged products or problem with shipment, please contact us via Contact Form or via e-mail for finding a solution!

How to proceed wıth Rush Orders?

Please contact us via e-mail before purchasing to discuss the possibilities.

What paymEnt methods can i use?

We accept payments via paypal, credit cards, and bank transfer. for further information REGARDING bank transfer can be found during the checkout In the end.

Can I try before purchasing?

Of course. We accept our customers in our workshop and fitting studio in Paris/Asnières-sur-Seine. You can get an appointment from Monday to Saturday from 10am to 6pm by fıllıng the form ın contact page.

What is « bespoke » piece?

Bespoke is a service that we provide for our customers to design and prepare the most suitable and desired product for their most special day. During this process, we discus every detail with you at the beginning in our workshop or via zoom/email. Then, we prepare a mood board and sketches for the pre-production stage. In accordance with your selection from the possible desıgns we make, the quotation is prepared respectively. But worry not. We give you the best option within your budget. For bespoke service, you can fill our Bespoke form to give a start.

What is the special request on our collection pieces?

Each piece at Anthemis design is designed and produced uniquely for you, meaning that, we do not have a large stock or we do not sell pre-made products. So, we are open to minor changes on the hairpieces as long as they are possible to make. Please contact us via e-mail before purchasing to discuss the possibilities.

Some examples can be given as Wire and petal color, DENSITY OF ORNAMENTS OR PETALS, change in the structure: higher or lower, Removing or adding crystals or ornaments, and Adding or removing comb, pin or headband.

How long will my order take?

For us, it takes approximately 2 to 6 weeks to produce a handmade Anthemis product, uniquely for you. For orders in France,  the shipment is done via La poste and it takes 2 to 4 days. For orders international,  the shipping method and time depend on the shipment address. Different delivery options can be found in checkout page in the final step.

However, as an estimation, the shipment time for USa may take up to 2 to 4 weeks and for Europe 4 to 7 days. In order to ensure that you will receive your order before the time you need it, please   Place your order at least 2 months before your special day.

Are all pieces the same?

Everything at Anthemis is designed and handmade upon your order, meaning that, there will be no other product that is the same of yours! Due to slight differences in materials & the creative processes also create unique forms and texture that can be considered as a uniqueness for your product.

How to care and preserve anthemis pieces?

Care instructions come packaged with each piece, but just in case, all products come in a safe and special pouch and gift box protecting from any kind of damage or environmental effect from outside during shipping or keeping. These pieces can be affected by high humidity and water contact. Any sort of house hold chemicals such as cleaning agents parfume, clorine-based hairsprays can damage the product. KeEp away from direct sunlight for longtime to prevent any color change or deformation. Remember that these pieces are designed carefully with a painstaking process since they are fragile. That is, pieces are not easy to manipulate.